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Review of Changeling

The Washington Blade (July 7, 2000)—The new CD by
Jessica Xavier, Changeling, takes the listener back to the
'80s beat and a wide spectrum of early memories.  Xavier's
lyrics deal with the lives of the entire Gay community, and also
manage to specifically address the transsexual/transgender

In the song, "This Girl," Xavier tells the coming out story of
a girl who is set free by her own individuality.  This is the
story of someone who is grappling to understand other people
and why they are put off by her own uniqueness.

"The Woman In You" expresses the balance of feminity in all
genders.  The song motivates listeners to feel fabulous about
themselves as the singer reveals in the right to express her
own inner queen.

The album as a whole takes on many subjects and is strongly connected to the singer's personal life.  Xavier takes us through pain, fights, pride, vanity, and joy.  As a whole, the CD is a personal journey that some may follow from beginning to end, while others will find specific songs or verses with which they can identify.

The provocative lyrics tackle diverse subject matter.  Xavier uses a wide variety of instruments, including piano, assorted acoustics, and a synthesizer.  The beat is lively and will easily get inside your head.  The vocals are probably an acquired taste—some listeners will enjoy them and some won't.  But Xavier's uninhibited voice adds to the message and if you really listen, the true quality of the songs shines through.

                                                                                                                         —Will Sellheim

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