Review of Orchids by Pamela DeGroff
Reviews of Orchids
Review of Changeling

"WOW!  WOW!  WOW-WOW!  You did it again—an amazing CD.  I love the style continuation from Changeling, as well as the clearly new styles that you introduce on this CD.  I can't get Estrogen Antidote out of my mind.  Your songs have a
way of resonating in the mind even when you are not listening
to them!" (Martine)

"Awesome!" (Rachel)

"I love it!  I have already listened to it two and a half times!" (Dan)

"I particularly liked Becoming!" (Mita)

"... I think this CD is really great ... your compositions come off very well in the arrangements and I think the time you spent in getting the sound just so has really paid off." (Lori)

"I keep listening over and over.  This is a beautiful CD, a true addition to rock/femme music.  Stick Figure, Love Your Body, I'm A Survivor ... all amazing tracks." (Martine ... again)

"I finished my first listen to [the CD] and I'm impressed by all of it.  Definite mix of styles—rock here, punk there, a couple of very nice instrumentals from Nancy—you've got a very good one here!" (Josie)

"It's way cool and I am proud to have it in my collection.  Congratulations on your artistic accomplishment!" (Holly)

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