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Gallae Records LLC was founded by Jessica Xavier and Sallyanne Ofner.  Jessica Xavier explains:  “In 1999 I had just finished recording my first solo CD, Changeling, and I needed a company to release it in order to secure my songwriting rights.  Sallyanne was a venture capitalist with much more business experience than I and, together, we formed the company.  She later left the company in order to gender transition and get sex reassignment surgery.”

“The notion of promoting transgender music was rather new at the time.  My friend Georgie Jessup (also a Maryland Trans Musician) was really the only other trans musician I knew, apart from a transman named Chris who later went stealth.  I hadn’t really thought about trans music as vehicle for social justice until I meet someone who became very special to me.  When I was a young transactivist, I remember addressing a meeting of the Metropolitan Gender Network of New York City.  I mentioned and described in detail the twin arms of the transgender movement, the political and the educational.  When I finished speaking I asked for questions and comments and, from across the room, came a booming voice, "Just one moment please, Ms. Xavier.  There is a third arm of the transgender movement.  Rupaul reaches 300,000 or more people for fifteen minutes every morning in her radio slot during the A.M. rush."  I had just been read out by none other than Sylvia Rivera.

And she is right, of course, as she has been so many times before.  Her courage at Stonewall remains an inspiration to those of us who would step into the light and face our oppressors.  But as artists, we throw not bricks but our images, words, lyrics and music at an intolerant culture in hopes that some may hear, some may see, and some may come to understand us.  But we also plant seeds that bear our spirit, our hopes, our dreams of a world without hate and a future without fear—for all of us who are differently gendered.  It is in the spirit of Stonewall that Gallae Records ventures forth.

Today Gallae Records serves as a vehicle for its artist-members and possibly others in the future who would like to release their music on this label.  Jessica says, “It’s another way for artists in a time of war, hate and fear to make a difference—not just trans artists but anyone committed to social justice.”

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