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Transsexualism is considered by most people to be a modern phenomenon, a product of the medical culture of the mid-twentieth century.  Yet throughout antiquity, there have been numerous accounts of male-born priestesses in service to various goddesses.  To prove their devotion, they usually emasculated themselves by their own hand.  Later-day historians, who were confounded by inability to comprehend these forerunners of modern transsexual women, commonly referred to them not as transsexual or transgender, but as eunuchs.  Hence the common misperception that members of the world's largest and continuous transgender tradition—the Hijra of India—are eunuchs.

Of the earliest transsexual traditions, the Gallae of ancient Rome were the most written-about.  The Gallae were devoted to the great Mother Goddess, the Magna Mater.  They themselves were descendents of another proud tradition of male-born priestesses who worshipped the Goddess Cybele (also spelled Kybele or Kubele) in ancient Phrygia (now Anatolia, the central province of modern-day Turkey).  In historical accounts, most writers referred to them using the Latin masculine form, Galli (s.i.c.).  The Gallae became so well known that poems, songs and even plays were written about them.  The Roman Poet Gaius Catullus once wrote:

   "What shape is there that I have not been
    Now woman, once boy, youth and man."

There are modern transsexual women who worship the Goddess in her many forms, and some of us follow in the footsteps of the allae.  Gallae Records is but one later-day extension of an ancient, proud and honorable tradition.

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