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Gallae Records LLC is the business entity of a cooperative collective of artists and technicians dedicated to the production, publication, promotion and performance of their music in particular, and transgender music, in general.  Some of our artists are transgender and some are not, but the original intent of its founders was to promote transgender music.  Gallae Records is a limited liability company chartered and licensed to operate in the State of Maryland.

Our primary focus is to get our music and spoken word out to live, radio, and internet audiences.  Our art is informed by our experience of transcending sex and gender and the rejection of binary thinking in all its forms.  Through our endeavors, we seek to present our lives and spirit to audiences in ways not possible through the political and educational components of the transgender movement.  While the latter are very important, they cannot present the humanity and dignity of transgender existence.  We believe that our art, in all its many forms, provides us with a crucial means of connecting with people who would otherwise might reject us, due to the pervasive social stigma unfairly attached to us.

As evolutionary artists, we step into the light without fear and without compromise.  All of our recording artists are open about their identities, in ways that suit themselves.  We are lesbian, gay, bisexual and straight, transgender, transsexual and non-trans, but first and foremost, we are human beings.  Our human dignity is non-negotiable.  We are solely responsible for the content of the songs we write and record.  We realize and affirm that there are as many ways to understand gender as there are human beings on the planet.  We do not subscribe to anyone's standards of being "political correct."  We will seek, wherever possible, to employ Transgender and Intersex artists from other disciplines in our musical and business endeavors.

We also realize that modern art by openly transgender artists in all its forms—film, music, photography, and the graphic arts—is in its infancy.  Film-maker Jay Sennett, in asking for community support for the transgender arts in his address at the 2001 True Spirit Conference, said that artistic development takes time, that we should be patient but still support our artists "even when we are bad."  Many of us work in mediums heavily dominated by the mass-marketing of global multinational corporations, while simultaneously struggling just to survive under harsh conditions imposed by an intolerant culture.

   Without the warmth of the sun
   Without the cleansing water
   These rare plants will not grow
   Their beauty will not see the light of a new day

   Snowflakes last but mere seconds
   Yet each is unique and beautiful
   Born of nature, showered upon the earth
   Easily missed by all but the occasional observer

We cannot let our art go unnoticed—for we owe it to ourselves.  As many of us forfeit the right to biologically parent children, our art becomes our only legacy.  It is our culture, someday to be our history.  We cannot let it be stamped into the dust, or worse, be re-written by non-transgender authors who fail to understand our uniqueness.  Nor can we allow non-transgender artists—even our gay brothers and lesbian sisters—misrepresent or speak for us.  Our struggle for existence is not fodder for gay exploitation and entertainment.

Yet all of the sexual minorities are intertwined by the commonality of gender-based oppression, and we join with gay, lesbian, bisexual and intersex artists in our struggle to succeed as performers.  In the early nineteen-seventies, a women's collective called Olivia Records was formed to promote music by lesbian songwriters and performers.  The collective was a feminist organization, formed by women for women about women.  Some of its early artists included Chris Williamson, Tret Fure, Holly Near and others.  Sandy Stone, author of The Empire Strikes Back:  A Post-Transsexual Manifesto, was an engineer/producer and member of the Olivia collective until she was driven from it by separatists.  Olivia later metamorphosed into a travel company for lesbians.  At this time, Gallae Records has no plans to put to sea.

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