Changeling Songs

Click here to read Jessica Xavier's remarks on Songwriting and Recording Changeling.

Click on a song title for lyrics and a link to a "song snipette."

1.   Present Tense
      (looking for life in all the wrong tenses)

2.   Stonewall
      (a history lesson, for those who've forgotten)

3.   My Sorority
      (dedicated to Betty Ann Lind, Founder, Delta Chi Sorority)

4.   This Girl
      (just your average tranny coming out song)

5.   Impossible
      (some things just are)

6.   For A Song
      (a Valentine's Day song, for Kim)

7.   Woman In You
      (music to crossdress by)

8.   Whipping Boy
      (the hunger of human hatred)

9.   The Same New Me
      (for those who left me)

10.  Unity
      (It's just a fream, really ...)


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