For A Song

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Let's not play this stupid game
Let's not play it just the same
Let's not touch the dying flame
Let's not dare give it a name
Let's not bet what we can't bid
Let's not find what's better hid
Let's not hope, heaven forbid, and
Let's not care and pretend we did
Little things inconsequential
Other things just instrumental
In such things you're so well versed, your
Speed and stealth, they made you first
Maybe you'll get it after I'm gone, that
You could have had me

For a song, for a song
For a song, for a song

Let's not keep each other long
Let's not dare to come on strong
Let's not hear the siren's song
Let's not think we could be wrong
Let's not say what we don't mean
Let's not try if it will seem
Let's not dare even to dream, but
Let's not leave our sights unseen
Little things are monumental
Other things just circumstantial
In such things I'm too well versed
My twists and turns are often first
Maybe it's true I'll never belong
But you could have had me

For a song, for a song
For a song, for a song

Let's not stare at all those mirrors
Let's not face our midlife fears
Let's not hate our married peers
Let's not shed any crocodile tears
Let's not tell each other lies
Let's not hide behind disguise
Let's not spoil the last surprise, but
Let's not leave without goodbyes
Little hope for our potential
Little rain, at times torrential
In such things we've all been cursed
Those self-inflicted wounds we nurse
Maybe deep down I know it's wrong
But you still could have me

For a song, for a song
For a song, for a song


Lead Vocals:  Jessica
Keyboards:  Jessica
Electric Guitars:  David
Bass Guitar:  Jessica
Backing Vocals:  Jessica
Drum Programming:  Jessica and David
MIDI Orchestration:  Jessica

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