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Woman you criticize
You say I can't empathize
With all the pain you're going through
You're hurting me with what hurts you
Oh girl, please realize
That yours aren't the only cries
That echo through our sleepless nights
And fill our days through endless fights

I would do anything to make us work
Are we so much alike that our love can only hurt?
If I could stop being me and somehow become you
Then I could feel your pain
And then understand

Oh man, you agonize
You say you won't live a lie
But I know what you're going through
It cuts all men, even men like you
So you learn to compromise
The shame you come to despise
The risk when there is someone else
You lose control, you lose your self

I would give anything to make this work
Are we so different that our love can only hurt
If I could stop being me and somehow become her
Then I would ease your pain
And you'd understand

But that would be impossible
That would be impossible

Oh how I romanticize
The real me I recognize
Is torn between these two extremes
Ill-fitted in the scheme of things
I sometimes fantasize
Of a day when stormy skies
Surrender to a sweet spring rain
No traces of my war remain

I have done everything but nothing seemed right
And then I reached a point I could no longer fight
If I should stop being he, who isn't really me
Must I change my sex
To match my soul
To understand?

But that would be impossible
That would be impossible
That would be impossible


Lead Vocals:  Jessica
Piano:  Jessica
Lead Guitar:  David
Bass Guitar:  Jessica
Drum Programming:  Jessica
MIDI Orchestration:  Jessica

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