My Sorority

[Click here to listen to a snipette of My Sorority.]

My Sorority is
Composed of all my sweet sisters
Both madames and still misters
Look twice or you'll have missed her
Each history is her story too
Of how we became
She's not going anywhere
Anytime soon

My Sorority is
Meeting ev'ry first Saturday
We are who we perceive to be
Made up but not make believe
Our history is her story too
It's when we become
She's not going nowhere
No time soon

Through our smiles of gladness
We share each other's sadness
Like the women we are
We feel each other's pain
From fighting all our fears
Through the triumph of our tears
At last we've found
Some ones who feel the same

My Sorority is
A whole lot of loving sisters
Who are unafraid to come out
With wigs on but not wigged out
My history is your story too
Of when we truly are
She's really going somewhere
Cause we're not going anywhere
She's truly got somewhere to go
Cause we're not going anywhere you know
She's really going somewhere
Sometime soon


Lead and Backing Vocals:  Jessica
Piano:  Jessica

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