Orchids Songs

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1.   Stick Figure
      (for the Free State Just Us Campaign of Maryland)

2.   Becoming
      (we are all always becoming)

3.   Love Your Body
      (love your body and it will love you back)

4.   Agony In The Garden
      (beauty bares its cross—for Vincent O'Brien, SJ)

5.   Sometimes Everyone (Has Nothing to Say)
      (the science of silence, for those we've lost)

6.   The Rainbow Song
      (multicolor redemption)

7.   For Alix (Male Privilege)
      (to the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival)

8.   The Estrogen Antidote
      (just what the doctor ordered)

9.   The Arctic
      (relax—this won't hurt a bit)

10.  Friends By The Fire
      (a song for Pete)

11.  Moth To A Flame
      (the sweet seduction of desire's destruction)

12.  Gender
      (rage against the invisible machine)

13.  The Word Is Out
      (love is a freedom, so let it be known)

14.  I'm A Survivor
      (you've got to be your own)

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