The Rainbow Song

[Click here to listen to a snipette of The Rainbow Song.]

When I was small, I dreamed of colors
Unseen by anyone else
So filled with fear, I understood
And I kept my dreams to myself

While growing up, I learned my lesson
How difficult different is
As the others came to separate
Ours, theirs, yours, mine, hers, his

I tried to hide what I felt inside
But they could tell all along
When the truth tells lies behind your eyes
Is it so very wrong?

Once I had grown, I lived alone
Though I yearned for someone to care
But my madness did embarrass me
The dreams were too strong to bear
Then my anger drove them all away
When I wanted just to belong
I had fooled myself so honestly
I was so very wrong

I had built myself a mighty cross
That Iíd crucified my soul on
But itís only guilt I was guilty of
I was so very wrong

And now Iíve found a peace at last
Through those once lost like me
We found ourselves in the rainbow
Colored by all humanity
Too few of you see as we do
So I had to sing you this song
When violet blue is true for you
Is it so very wrong?

In our rainbow all colors shine
With each one equally strong
Different, diverse, all beautiful

Is it so very wrong?
Is it so very wrong?
Are we so very wrong?
Are we so very wrong?
Am I so very ...


Lead Vocals:  Jessica
Backing Vocals:  Susan and Lori
Acoustic Guitar:  Nancy
Bass Guitar:  Jessica
Recorder:  Josie
Piano:  Jessica
Tambourine:  Nancy
Synth Lead:  Jessica
Drum Programming:  Jessica
MIDI Orchestration:  Jessica

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