Agony In The Garden

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When you know you must die,
You will ask yourself why
Why me?
The exit of dusk leaves the sky its rust
You and your friends on a dusty road
Climbing a hill to an olive grove
Past shepherdless flocks and fields laid low
To a garden where only passion will grow

Oh, Father, take this cup from me
Oh, if Thy will allow
I wasnít born to end this way
Why must You test me now?

So the cup has been passed
To your lips at last
But not least
Your future is now,
But you ask yourself how
Can it cease?
This garden seems so strangely grown
But the seeds here planted are all your own
Their bitter harvest makes you weep
Youíre all alone, your friends all asleep

Oh, Father, take this cup from me
I cannot bear its fruit
I wasnít born to end this way
To die within my youth

You are part of some plan,
Yours not to understand
Until now
Still you wish it not so,
Youíve got farther to go
To see so young oneís destiny
Too soon to face eternity
To know your fate, the irony
That you cannot escape this burning agony

Oh, Father, take this cup from me
I cannot be Your son
I wasnít born to end this way
Itís not my kingdom come
For if You take this cup away
So many for just one
If I was born to bear this truth
Then let Thy will be done

When we know we will die,
We will ask ourselves why
Now we know
When the hour is late,
We must all greet that fate
And just go...


Lead Vocals:  Jessica
Backing Vocals:  David, Jessica, and Nancy
Acoustic Guitars:  Nancy
Bass Guitar:  Jessica
Lead Guitar:  Angela
Electric Guitar:  David
Keyboards:  Jessica
Recorder:  Josie
Drum Programming:  Jessica
MIDI Orchestration:  Gwyneth

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